In the last six years, global poverty has dramatically decreased, which is largely attributed to economic growth in developing countries. The MA Global Enterprise Development practice supports this trend through our work with micro, small, and medium enterprises, farmers, and vulnerable populations. Our efforts harness economic opportunities, using tailored interventions to empower local communities and their businesses. We have found that micro, small, and medium enterprises can stimulate private ownership and contribute to employment and broad-based economic growth. SHOW LESS

Our youth expertise includes the following:

  • Workforce development: We design and implement programming that creates livelihoods and prepares youth for employment. This process includes conducting labour-market analyses, designing training, and mentorship programs that engage youth and build their capacities to meet employment trends. Private-sector partnerships drive our youth-focused workforce development initiatives.
  • Vocational technical education: We build the capacity of vocational training institutes and universities to offer market-oriented courses that meet private-sector job requirements. Our approach includes a human-cantered design of curriculum with private-sector partners.
  • Youth-inclusive financial services: We develop youth-inclusive financial products, building financial institutions’ capacities to target this underserved population.
  • Vulnerable youth: We implement programs to support at-risk youth, including former gang members; migrants; LGBTI youth; youth with disabilities; and married girls, building their self-efficacy.
  • Gender and youth: We bring a gender focus to our work with youth, including taking holistic approaches to increase girls’ agency and self-worth to access services and obtain decent employment.