Strategy and Microfinance consulting

We provide strategic consulting services on inclusive finance to Microfinace institutions and donor agencies.

Financial Linkage Services

We promote a transformative approach to reduce poverty by linking savings‐led groups with formal financial services and innovations to make those services more accessible and affordable for the poor.

Policy and Regulatory Design

We assist Central Banking authorities in developing and designing appropriate regulatory policies for Central Banks and regulatory authorities.

Microfinance Youth Programme

Our product on the microfinance youth programme is innovative and dynamic and can be adapted to meet your needs.

Investors Matching Services

We have the unique experience of connecting international investors with microfinance institutions. We have raised over $50 million for institutions in Africa and are working towards expanding our work in Asia and the Pacific.

Microfinance Finance Apprentice Programme

Our product on the apprentice programme is unique and has been specifically developed to those that are new to the world of inclusive finance and Microfinace. Our apprentice programme can be developed to meet the needs of your institution.

Microfinance Asia

We have a series of capacity building initiatives that we have developed and designed for the microfinance sector in Asia.

Executive Search and Selection

If you are looking for transformational leaders that are able to turn around poor performing institutions, MA global will assist you in finding the executive with the requisite qualification.

Digital Finance Practice

We can assist in developing innovative solutions on digital products and we work in consultation with a number of Fintech companies.