Inclusive Finance

A sound and inclusive financial-services sector is an engine of economic growth. The MA global al works at the policy, financial institution, and borrower levels to find innovative, sustainable solutions for today’s private-sector financial needs. Our finance and investment experts facilitate corporate, government, and small-business partnerships that drive inclusive financing and investment, supporting sustainable economic growth.

Our finance and investment expertise includes the following:

  • Blended finance and guarantees: MA Global helps donors and the private sector structure and support investments and financing that stimulate local capital flows to underserved markets and businesses. Our experts structure blended financial instruments as well as credit guarantees to attract private capital into new sectors while lowering financial risks for lenders.
  • Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and agricultural finance: MA Global  works with financial institutions to initiate and expand lending to MSMEs. Our expertise includes designing micro- and SME-lending programs, training a range of financial organizations (including banks and microfinance institutions) in lending and marketing to the MSME sector, conducting market research, developing loan products, and creating market linkages. MA Global has extensive experience facilitating lending to the agriculture and agribusiness sectors.
  •  Investment finance: MA Global works with investors to enter new markets. We facilitate transactions and pipeline development, as well as provide advisory services to high-potential firms We also build the capacity of government institutions to attract investment.
  • Access to finance: MA Global provides demand-side support to help MSMEs and larger export-oriented businesses to access financing and equity, including via business training, business planning, feasibility studies, and loan packaging. We have expertise assisting youth- and women-owned businesses to access financing as well as supporting underserved sectors—such as health, agriculture, and energy—to obtain investment.
  • Policy and regulatory services: MA Global works with policy makers and regulators to develop sound financial-sector policies and improve regulatory capacity.
  • Insurance: Our experts help formal-sector insurers, managed-care companies, governments, social-security systems, and microfinance institutions develop and expand insurance coverage.