The MA Global Advisors is an independent strategic consulting firm that provides consultancy services to the Financial Inclusion sector. We are a limited liability company registered in the UK.


We specialise in promoting access to finance in developing countries. We combine strategic consulting with hands on experience on Microfinance, SME, banking and rural finance

Our Mission In Parctice

  • To develop human capital and drive talent management across the financial services sector
  • To work in partnership with key stakeholders
  • Develop and monitor capacity-building initiatives that drive efficiency, effectiveness and the structural and interactive development of the financial services industry

Our Business Principles

  • Our business principles express our corporate values in our relationships with all our stakeholders including the public

Our Affiliate Institutes

  • We strive to provide leading edge research, thought leadership and capacity building
  • We aim to upskill the industry

Our Commitment

  • To be an enabler within the Financial services industry and its potential impact on developing economies
  • To be the leading think tank on financial services development within developing economies

Our Vision

  • To be the global leader within the financial services sector

Our Stakeholders

  • We aim to promote high quality human capital development providing sustainable growth for the industry
  • We add value